Unreal Engine Locked and Loaded Military Asset Humble Bundle

There is a new Humble Bundle of interest to game developers, the Locked and Loaded Military Asset bundle. This is a collection of characters, weapons, tanks and environments around a military theme from mostly GrayBite and FreshCan for Unreal Engine. As with most Humble Bundles it is organized into tiers:

1$ Tier

Sci-Fi Weapons Pack Mini

Commando Character

M1A2 Abrams Tank

Military Trailer – M100

Military Trailer – M8A1

Animated Blood Decals Realistic

Military Radios

Average Tier

Sergeant Character

Maria Survival NPC

Zombie Army Soldier

SU100 WW2 Tank

VK 16.02 WW2 Tank

20$ Tier

Military Airport Environment

Cyberpunk Night Street Environment

Shrubland Environment

Mountain Village Environment

Battlefield Desert Environment

Battle Royale Island Back Environment

Advance Weapon Pack

Customizable Weapons Pack

WW2 Weapon Pack

1940’s Abandoned Office Environment

Army Military Character

Special Ops Military Character

LeClerc AMX56 Tank

T-55A Tank

T-90 Tank

T-26 Tank

SU-152 Tank

Converting Assets Guides:

You can learn more about the Unreal Engine Locked and Loaded Humble Bundle in the video below. Links on this page (like this one) contain a code that enable you to direct a portion of your purchase to support GFS (and thanks so much if you do!)

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