Unreal Engine November 2021 Free Asset Giveaway

It’s the first Tuesday of the month of November, so that means its time for another Unreal Engine asset giveaway. This month we have 5 assets free for the month, as well as one more asset added to the permanently free collection. Oddly this months permanently free item was already in my inventory, so it is possible it was featured in a previous giveaway.

This months free assets include:

This months addition to the permanently free collection:

Remember to keep this items forever, you need to “purchase” them before the first Tuesday of December 2021. Once “purchased” they are yours forever. If you are interested in learning more about the November 2021 Unreal Engine free assets, be sure to check out the video below, where you can see the Modular Industrial Area in action.

You can also see the Sci-Fi Polar environment in action in our video on using a 2021 M1 MacBook Pro for game development. If you are interested in exporting assets FROM Unreal Engine, be sure to check out our tutorial available here.

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