Unreal Engine October 2021 Asset Giveaway

It’s the first Tuesday of the month of October, so that means its time for another Unreal Engine asset giveaway. This month we have 5 assets free for the month, but nothing added to the permanently free collection. Generally when this happens, Unreal announce another free asset pack during the month, so it will be interesting to see if that trend remains true.

This months free assets include:

While there was no addition to the permanently free collection this month, yesterday Epic Games announced the free release of Project Anywhere XR, an augmented reality demonstration project developed in collaboration with Microsoft Holo Lens and Cesium (we covered Cesium here if you wish to learn more).

You can learn more about October 2021 free Unreal Engine assets, as well as seeing the Fantasy Cave Environment asset in action in Unreal Engine 5 in the video below.

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