Unreal Engine October Asset Giveaway

It’s the first Tuesday of the month, so that means it’s time for Epic Games to do the Unreal Engine asset giveaway for October 2022. This month there are 5 free for the month assets, as well as one addition to the permanently free collection. The “free for the month” content is yours to keep forever, so long as you purchase it (for free) before the first Tuesday of November. Being October, this month’s assets have a very Halloween focused theme.

This months free content includes:

Zombie Movement And Modular Interaction Animations

Advanced AI Spawn System

4 in 1 Modular Research Facility Mega Bundle

Halloween Pumpkins / 150+ Variations

Undead Pack

There is also one addition to the permanently free collection (which as the name implies, is not a limited time offer):

FANTASTIC – Village Pack

You can see all of the October 2022 Unreal Engine marketplace giveaway assets in action in the video below.

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