Unreal Engine Release 4.15.2 Hotfix


Hot on the heals of the 4.16 preview release, Epic have released a hotfix for the 4.15 branch.  The major purpose behind this fix is to work toward resolving D3D Hung crashes while enabling additional NVidia GPU diagnostics.  To support these new diagnostic features however, you need to update to a newer NVidia driver.  More details on the GPU Hang bug are available here.  This hotfix also addresses the following issues:

Fixed! UE-35606 Crash when Importing .OBJ using the File > Import into Level Option
Fixed! UE-42207 SVN SASL binaries may be causing crashes for some users
Fixed! UE-42911 Reflection capture crash in FindOrAllocateCubemapIndex
Fixed! UE-42165 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Renderer!FReflectionEnvironmentSceneData::ResizeCubemapArrayGPU() [reflectionenvironment.cpp:215]
Fixed! UE-43279 Crash launching QAGame onto Windows
Fixed! UE-42920 Regression in Gaussian and Circle DOF
Fixed! UE-43443 GC Clustering broken for USoundWave assets (crash)
Fixed! UE-43028 UnrealVS is not working in Visual Studio 2017
Fixed! UE-43888 GitHub 3475 : Added a gitignore exception for automation files.
Fixed! UE-43608 EDL in 4.15 may not be fully safe and should be disabled by default
Fixed! UE-43346 Crash in Packaged Game When Using Gameplay Tags
Fixed! UE-42547 Removing a key from a Enum Map variable causes duplicate keys to remain
Fixed! UE-43928 FBlackboardKeySelector filters cause invalid argument assert
Fixed! UE-42759 Vulkan is crashing on S7 Mali
Fixed! UE-42184 IAP failed to read purchase
Fixed! UE-41313 Failed to compile C++ Code project, for iOS/tvOS in Development, in Xcode 8.3 beta 1
Fixed! UE-44029 FRepChangelistState leaks memory
Fixed! UE-44470 Compile failure packaging code project for tvOS from Mac
Fixed! UE-43454 Add Aftermath support to UE4Editor


As always, the fix is available for download using the Epic Game Launcher.

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