UPBGE 0.3 Released

Back in 2018, Blender removed game engine functionality, but thankfully UPBGE stepped in to fill the void, and just released UPBGE 0.3. Hot on the heels of the Blender 3.0 release, UPBGE 0.3 is built on top of Blender 3.0 and now contains support for the EEVEE real-time PBR based rendering system.

Blender viewport integration (Eevee, Grease pencil or Workbench (only in viewport render mode))

The new and famous Blender viewport engine is now used by UPBGE. Additionally, we can use the other engines availables, as grease pencil or workbench.

Moreover, there is an option to reproduce the viewport exactly as blender one (including the icons, etc)

Key Links:

UPBGE Home Page

UPBGE 0.3 Release Notes

UPBGE on GitHub

Blender 3 Release Details

You can check out the new UPBGE 0.3 release in the video below.

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