Urho3D Is Dead…ish

We first discussed the Urho3D project all the way back in 2014. The open source, cross platform, C++ based game engine was first released in 2011 and recently experienced a schism the more or left has left the project as we know it dead. On the bright side, there are several offspring projects if you wish to keep using Urho3D.

First back to that schism. The main project was co-opted by one of the most active developers, then made a Russian only project. This comment from the archived discussion forums probably sums it up best:

The people are fine with the good things you made in Urho3D (like Angel Script bindings).

The people are unhappy because you took over Urho3D organization, removed its founders (Lasse and Wei Tjong), and replaced Urho3D with your personal project. You can as well rename it, because [removed] is not Urho3D anymore. If it is not in English, it is not Urho3D – the change is just too fundamental. It may be a good project, but it is a different project.

So… yeah. I can totally understand why people are unhappy.
I am just happy that I moved away from Urho3D years ago and these events didn’t hurt me personally.
I will try to stay away from this topic from now on, just wanted to have this opinion written somewhere.

There are several spin-off projects available however, we discuss each in more detail in the video below.

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