uRPG RPG Game Creation Kit for Unity Hands-On

Currently featured as part of the Unity New Year MegaBundle, today we go hands-on with the uRPG Single Player RPG game creation kit for the Unity game engine. uRPG is a collection of scripts and pre-fabs that implement most of the common systems needed to create a single player RPG.

Features include:

  • Uses Unity’s new UI system
  • Monsters & NPCs
  • Run, Crouch, Crawl, Jump, Climb, Swim, Strafe
  • Third & First Person
  • Mounts
  • Fall Damage
  • Levels
  • STR & INT Attributes
  • Scriptable Skills & Buffs
  • Harvesting
  • Crafting
  • Item Storage
  • Energy & Regeneration
  • Melee & Ranged Weapons
  • Weapon Zoom
  • Scriptable Items
  • Item Drops
  • Gold
  • Scriptable Quests
  • Scriptable NPC Dialogues
  • Interaction System
  • Great Blood Splatter Effect
  • Free Look Camera
  • Retargetable Animations via Mecanim
  • Beautiful 3D Models
  • Death and Respawning
  • Game Saving
  • 6000 Lines of carefully crafted C# Code
  • Platform Independent
  • Documentation with Tutorials

As of the time this video was created, there are 10 days remaining in the Unity Mega Bundle, which contains uRPG at a 3rd of it’s regular price. If you are interested in creating an RPG, the excellent GameDev.tv RPG training course expires tomorrow! (2021-02-17). You can learn more about uRPG and see it in action in the video below. uRPG is available on the Unity Asset store and has a Discord community available here.

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