Using The Defold Engine With Your Own Git Server


Defold is a game engine that was recently release by King at GDC 2016.  It’s a cool and capable cross platform Lua powered game engine that you can see in action in this video.  One of the big downsides of the engine (and an upside too) is that your code resides on King’s servers.  Behind the scenes they maintain a git repository, but it’s quite understandable that this might not make you feel warm and fuzzy.  Thankfully you have the option of using your own server as described in these instructions.

If you are comfortable at the command line, here are the instructions below:

Command line

Prerequisite: Git – OS X, Windows, Linux

  1. Open your project in the Defold editor.
  2. Right click on the game.project file, select “Show in Finder” (or similar for your platform).
  3. Next, you need to navigate to the project location (from step 2) in a terminal window. Here’s how:
    • OS X – Open the project location in, for a detailed guide see this.
    • Windows – Open the project location in Git Bash, for a detailed guide see this1.
  4. Lastly, change the ​origin remote to your own Git URL entering these commands into your terminal:
git remote set-url origin <your_own_git_server_url>  git push -u origin master


Easy enough.


Note however that you will still need to create your project on the Defold servers, but the code will now reside on your own servers.  This requirement should be removed in version 2.0 according to this forum post.

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