Valve Release Destination Workshop VR Tools


Today on Steam Valve just released the Destination Workshop a free application for building VR environments.  Designed to work with any OpenVR headset, this toolset is built on top of the Source 2 engine and is available for free.  From the Steam store page:

Destinations Workshop Tools lets you create, share, and explore both real and imaginary places in virtual reality. This is a beta release of a set of content creation tools that users can use to construct worlds and share them on the Destinations Workshop – then explore them with the included Destinations Viewer.

Destinations Workshop Tools includes:

  • The Source 2 tool set used internally at Valve. Once installed, you can find theDestinations Workshop Tools in the Library under Tools.
  • Several example Destinations created with photogrammetry
  • An example map that users can copy and modify which highlights how to use Source 2 tools to add interactivity to a Destination
  • The Destinations Viewer, where users can browse and explore Destinations downloaded from the Steam Workshop. Once installed, you can find the Destinations Viewer in the Library under Software.


More information is available on the Destinations Wiki.  Are we entering the age of VRML 2.0?  (Actually technically VRML2 was actually released, but you know what I mean…)

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