Valve Release Steam Link SDK


This news comes via Gamasutra, Valve Software release their Steam Link SDK on Github.  SteamLink is a Linux powered box that enables you to stream your Steam library directly to your TV like you currently can between two PCs today.

From the github readme:

This is the SDK for the Valve Steam Link


The Steam Link hardware is a single core ARMv7 processor using the hard-float ABI, running at 1 GHz, with neon instruction support. It has approximately 256 MB of available RAM and 500 MB of usable flash storage.


The Steam Link software is custom Linux firmware based on kernel 3.8 and glibc 2.19.

The Steam Link SDK has support for the following major APIs:

OpenGL ES 2.0  Qt 5.4  SDL 2.0  

The SDL game controller API is recommended for Steam Controller support on the Steam Link.


examples       very simple example applications to demonstrate how to build applications using the SDK  external      source code to 3rd party components of the Steam Link, each directory has a      "" script to rebuild the component.  kernel      Steam Link linux kernel source code  rootfs      Steam Link root filesystem  toolchain      GCC toolchain for Steam Link      Script to configure build environment
Between this, NVidia GameStream, XBox One streaming and the upcoming PS4 to PC streaming, it seems like inhome game streaming is the next big thing.

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