VPainter For Godot

VPainter is an open source free add-on for the Godot game engine that enables you to paint directly on 3D models. There are two modes of operation, one is to paint on the vertices of the mesh, while the second involves blending up to 4 different textures into one seamless material.

VPainter is open source MIT licensed and hosted on GitHub. To get started, merely clone (git clone _____) the repository https://github.com/tomankirilov/VPainter.git.

Next, copy the addons folder into your Godot project, merging it if you already have an addons directory.

Next, fire up the Godot Engine, go to Project->Project Settings, then select the Plugins tab and click enable:

Enabling an Add-on in Godot.

VPainter is now enabled and will appear in the editor window when a MeshInstance is selected. For further details on how to use VPainter or to simply see it in action, check out the video below.

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