WaveEngine 3.2 Released

WaveEngine 3.2 preview was just released. WaveEngine is a free C# powered 3D game engine for Windows, Mac and Linux that we first covered all the way back in 2015. After a long pause, the 3.x release was announced last year and it has been a series of steady improvements since then. The WaveEngine 3.2 preview release is no exception with the following features from the WaveEngine blog:

We’re excited to release WaveEngine preview 3.2 today. This new release comes with a huge set of new features and improvements. The 3.2 preview highlights include a completely new GPU-based particle system on compute shader, which offers maximum performance on the new graphics APIs, and which is backward-compatible to those platforms which don’t support compute shaders. We also introduce a new completely dynamic shadow system with support for point lights, spot lights, directional lights and all area light types. Finally, it is important to highlight the new auto scenes code generation, which improves the loading times in release mode. In this article you can find more info about the rest of changes introduced in this new version.

In addition to the above new features there were several other small bug fixes and improvements.

  • Web platform mouse enter and leave fixed.
  • MathHelper constants and calcs precision improved.
  • New templates includes a default additive layer.
  • Editor allows to change the scene viewer layout.
  • Editor color picker allows to edit hexadecimal value.
  • Primitive meshes cache.
  • Net Framework 4.6.1 support restored.
  • Non-generic overloads for container methods added.
  • Launcher auto-update checksum fixed.
  • Editor entity control undo/redo fixed.
  • Editor shows detached tabs in taskbar.
  • Editor thumbnails generation fixed for small textures.
  • Editor keyboard shortcuts working when entities tree is focused.
  • Editor entities count fixed.
  • Editor light theme fixed.
  • Editor effect selector in material viewer now does not show compute effects.

You can learn more about WaveEngine at https://waveengine.net/ and WaveEngine can be freely downloaded here.

In the video we showcase the new lighting and particle systems using the newly available samples scenes, several of which are available here on GitHub under the MIT open source license. Each sample is in it’s own repository, so make sure to click the link into the project you are interested in instead of cloning the linked repository. Unfortunately there does not appear to be a Discord or community to link to.

You can learn more about WaveEngine and the 3.2 release in the video below.

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