Which technology would you be most interested in GameFromScratch covering?

Near the end of last week I announced the GameFromScratch game project and announced I was most likely going to use HTML5 as the development language of choice, while LibGDX and HaXe + NME were my runner up technologies.


The end result of the process is going to (hopefully!) be a published game on iOS and Android, but I intend to share as much as reasonably possible on GameFromScratch.com, including a running version of the game and most of, it not all of, the source code and eventually assets.  Obviously then, I want to do it in a technology that appeals to the majority of you, while still fighting my requirements ( I list them in the other post ).


Since I made that post, I’ve received some comments, tweets and a number of emails showing interest in various technologies.  So I’ve decided to put it to a poll, GFS’s first ever!



I am not promising the winner in this poll is the technology I am going to go with, but it will certainly be given a large weighting when making my decision.


Copied from the earlier post, here are my specific requirements:

  • Turn based game
  • May require modest 3D support, otherwise sprite based
  • Excellent UI support ( UI heavy game )
  • Available on Android, iOS and on GameFromScratch.com at a minimum
  • In a language of interest or known to a large number of developers
  • Tools at low or no cost, so maximum number of readers can follow along
  • Reasonably quick development time
  • Good library support, little desire to re-invent the wheel

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