Wireframe Game Development Focused Magazine Launching

From Raspberry Pi, the home brew computing manufacturer, comes a new magazine called Wireframe.  While a game about gaming in general, it is going to have an indie developer focus, and more importantly, focus heavily on game development, both by interviewing game developers, as well as focusing on the tools and techniques of game development.  If you are interested you can get a free copy of the first issue mailed to you (plus shipping) by signing up here.  Issues will also be available on line in PDF format starting November 9th.  The website for Wireframe magazine is wfmag.cc.

Details of the magazine launch from the Raspberry Pi blog announcement:

Cutting through the hype, Wireframe will have a more indie-focused, left-field angle than traditional games magazines. As well as news, reviews, and previews, we’ll have in-depth features that uncover the stories behind your favourite games, showing you how video games are made, and who makes them.

On top of all that, we’ll also help you discover how you can make games of your own. Our dedicated Toolbox section will be packed with detailed guides and tips to help you with your own game development projects.

If you are looking for great but now somewhat dated Game development magazines to bide yourself over until November 9th, be sure to check out the archives from Game Developer Magazine in the GDC Vault.

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