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Earlier this year we checked out Zed a new open source performance oriented code editor written in Rust. One of the major flaws of Zed is that it was only available for Mac OS. Thanks to the recent 0.143.6 release this is no longer the case, with Zed now available in stable form for Linux.

Details from the Zed 0.143.6 release notes:

Linux Support

Linux when? Linux now. 🎉🐧

For the last 6 months, our team and our open source community have been working hard to bring Zed to Linux.

As of today, we’ve released our first, official, stable build of Zed on Linux!



  • Added new assistant: insert into editor Action. Default keybinding: cmd-< on macOS, ctrl-< on Linux (#13467).


  • Changed the default fonts to IBM Plex Sans and IBM Plex Mono. If you’d like to go back to using Zed Sans/Zed mono you need to download them and install them (#13596).
  • Default to a light theme during the day (#9627)
  • Add keyboard shortcuts for scrolling in terminal (#4917#12231).
  • Changed the default key bindings for pageup/pageup on Mac and Linux so that it moves the cursor (editor::MovePageDown). Previous scroll only behavior (editor::PageDown) is now available via cmd-pagedown on MacOS and alt-pagedown on Linux (#13389)
  • Added updated window controls on Linux (#13751)
  • Added recognizing *.markdown files as Markdown (#13608).
  • Added duplicate line shortcut to Sublime Text shortcuts (#13640)
  • Added shift shift as a default binding to open the command palette in the JetBrains keymap (#13556).


  • Improve editor’s performance with large undo histories (#13656)
  • Improved performance of “replace all” in buffer search and project search (#13654).
  • Improved power consumption on Intel Macs by preferring integrated GPUs over the discrete GPUs. (#5124).


  • vim: Support for macros (q and @) to record and replay (#1506#4448).
  • vim: Fix undo after repeated insert/replace mode (#13573).
  • vim: Fix ‘r’ repeating too much (#13566).
  • vim: Fixed : in empty diagnostics view (#13624)
  • vim: Fixed g/ outside of an editor (#13624).
  • vim: Add vim bindings for outline panel (#13763).

Key Links

Zed Homepage

Release Notes

You can learn more about the Zed editor and the Linux release in the video below.

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