001 Game Creator Humble Bundle

The 001 Game Creator game engine is currently featured in the Game Dev STEM Humble Bundle that just launched. 001 Game Creator was previously featured in a Humble, so be sure to check your library to make sure you aren’t purchasing it twice. If you are interested in learning more about 001 Game Creator, check out our hands-on review available here.

As with all Humbles, this bundle is organized into tiers:

1$ Tier

  • Misc design documents

10$ Tier

  • 001 Game Creator Engine
  • 001 Basics E-Book
  • 001 Resource E-Book

20$ Tier

  • Point and Click Adventure Kit
  • Dragons Den Resource Pack
  • Retro Fantasy Music Pack
  • Sound Effects Pack Vol 1

25$ Tier

  • Enhanced RPG Kit
  • FPS Kit
  • MMORPG Kit
  • Visual Novel Kit

As with all Humble Bundles you get to decide how your money is allocated between the publisher, charity, Humble and if you so choose (and thanks if you do!) to support GFS using this link. You can learn more about the bundle in the video below.

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