Box2D 2.4.0 Physics Release

Box2D 2.4.0 Released

Box2D, the popular open source 2D physics engine, just released version 2.4.0. Among other changes the 2.4.0 release saw a change from the ZLib open source license to the very similar MIT open source license. Other details from the release notes: Box2D is available in source form on GitHub. You …

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WebGL Studio Hands-On

WebGLStudio Hands-On

Today we are looking at the game engine/framework combo WebGLStudio, an entirely browser based game engine with a complete visual editor. Key features of WebGLStudio include:A full 3D graphics engine (LiteScene.js) that supports multiple lights, shadowmaps, realtime reflections, custom materials, postFX, skinning, animation, and much more. An easily extended, component-based system for controlling the rendering […]

Dragon Ruby Hands-On

DragonRuby Game Framework

DragonRuby is a game development framework powered by the Ruby programming language.  It is lightweight and crossplatform with an easy to learn API.  It is regularly $47USD, however it is currently included in the Bundle For Racial Justice currently running on, along with hundreds of games for just $5.Key features of DragonRuby include:Dirt simple […]

Plywood Open Source C++ Framework

Plywood C++ Game Framework

Plywood is a new C++ based cross platform C++ framework created by Jeff Preshing, who previously worked at Ubisoft Montreal.  Plywood is composed of 3 primary parts, a project build/management system, a C++ reflection and serialization system and a collection of modules to provide low level functionality needed by all games.  Plywood is open source […]

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