Raylib 5 Released

Raylib 5.0 Released

Raylib 5.0, the incredibly easy to use C/C++ game development framework just (*cough* two weeks ago *cough*) released Raylib 5.0. This release also marks the 10th anniversary since Raylib 1.0 was released. Key features of the Raylib 5 release: As always, those are only some highlights of the new raylib 5.0 but

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RayLib C/C++ C99 open source game development framework released RayLib 4.5

RayLib 4.5 Released

The cross platform, open source C/C++ (technically C99) game development framework RayLib just released RayLib 4.5. RayLib is full featured, very modular, available for several platforms and has language bindings for essentially every modern programming language. Details of the RayLib 4.5 release: Key Links 4.5 Release Notes RayLib Homepage GitHub

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Bevy 0.7 Rust game Development framework engine

Bevy 0.7 Released

Following up on the Bevy 0.6 release back in January, Bevy 0.7 was just released. Bevy is a data oriented ECS driven game 2D/3D game engine using the Rust programming language. The 0.7 release adds several new features including skinned animation support, GLTF animation importing and more. Features of Bevy

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