The Stride 4.2 Game Engine was just released

Stride 4.2 Released

The open source C# powered game engine Stride just released version 4.2. The first major release since Stride 4.1 all the way back in August of 2022. There are several new features in Stride 4.2, but the highlight features are no doubt the support for .NET 8 and C# 12,

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GB Studio 3.2 Released

GB Studio 3.2 Released

GB Studio, an amazingly easy to use but comprehensive game engine for creating retro GameBoy-style games, just released version 3.2. This is the first major update since GB Studio 3.0 was released all the way back in 2022. When I say create “GameBoy-style” games, that’s misleading. This game engine can

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The Jolt Physics Engine powering Horizon Forbidden West

The Jolt Physics Engine

The Joly Physics Engine is a cross platform physics engine that powers the game Horizon Forbidden West. It is open source under the MIT license. The reasoning behind the creation of the Jolt Physics engine was as follows: Jolt just released Jolt Physics 4.0, with the following features: Key Links

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The Rust Powered Bevy game engine just released Bevy 0.12

Bevy 0.12 Released

Coming just 4 months after the release of Bevy 0.11 this weekend Bevy 0.12 was released. Considering the short distance of time since the last release its somewhat staggering the extent of new features in this version, including a new renderer, a rewritten asset system, new light interaction options and

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