Sound Particles Explorer Audio management Tool review

Explorer by Sound Particles Audio Management Tool

Explorer is a new free product from Sound Particles (learn more here) that provides powerful audio organization and management tools. Able to handle high end audio files (10+ channel IMAX files, 7.1 surround, ambisonic encoded audio and of course stereo and mono) in a variety of different formats, Explorer enables …

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3D Coat 2022

3D Coat is a popular 3D application for sculpting, polygonal modelling, UVmapping, retopology, rendering and more that recently released version 2022. New features in the 2022.16 release include: -Much Faster Voxel and Surface Sculpting -Autoretopo Improved -New Voxel Brush Engine Added -New Alphas Collection -New Core API -Node System For …

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