CopperCube the Free and Easy 3D game engine just released CopperCube 6.6

CopperCube 6.6 Released

CopperCube, on of the easiet to use 3D game engines just released version 6.6. Among other features, CopperCube 6.6 added the always popular Dark Mode for the editor. CopperCube is available for free, runs on Windows (and Linux via Wine) and is capable of targeting Mac, Windows, Android and WebGL …

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ct.js 3 JavaScript 2D Game Engine Hands-On Review

ct.js 3 2D Game Engine

The ct.js 3 open source cross platform 2D game engine recently released version 3.0. The ct.js game engine runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and the source code is available on GitHub under the MIT open source license. The engine comes with a full JavaScript API, several plug and play …

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BabylonJS 5 The open source TypeScript JavaScript game engine Babylon.js just released version 5

Babylon.js 5 Released

The BabylonJS open source 3D JavaScript/TypeScript game engine just hit a major and meme-worthy milestone… the release of Babylon.js 5. Thankfully they didn’t let such an opportunity go to waste and this release is jam packed with new features. Highlights of the 5.0 release include: Node Based Material Editor Support …

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Phaser 3.50 Released

Phaser 3.50 Released

The open source HTML5 game framework Phaser just released Phaser 3.50, the single biggest release to date with hundreds of improvements.

GDevelop Open Source Game Engine Update Review

GDevelop Game Engine Revisted

The open source cross platform 2D game engine GDevelop 5 has seen several dozen improvements recently. Today we are going to revisit this engine and look at some of those improvements.

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