Best Adobe Alternatives in 2024 - Photoshop, Illustrator, Substance Painter/Designer, Lightroom, Premiere and After Effects

Adobe Alternatives in 2024

Due to recent events there are a number of Adobe users currently looking for alternatives. Today we look at several alternatives to the following Adobe products: Photoshop, Illustrator, Substance Painter/Designer, Animate and Premiere/After Effects. Without further ado, here are several alternatives to Adobe products in 2024: Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator […]

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Bosca Ceoil The Blue Album is a modern day rewrite of the Bosca Ceoil Music application by Terry Cavanagh using the Godot game engine

Bosca Ceoil Blue

Today we are checking out Bosca Ceoil Blue, a port of Terry Cavanagh’s ( VVVVV, Super Hexagon, Dicey Dungeons ) beginner friendly music creation software. Bosca Ceoil was released for free several years ago (we covered it five years back) and was originally written using Flash. We are discussing it

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Helix Editor is an open source terminal based Neovim like code editor written entirely in Rust and available on most major platforms

Helix Code Editor

In a similar vein to NeoVim today we look at the Helix text editor. This is a terminal based code editor heavily inspired by the classic Vi/Vim text editors using a nearly identical control set while including more features out of the box than most of the other Vim alternatives.

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