Blender 4.1 Released for real this time

Blender 4.1 Released

Scheduled for release last week, Blender 4.1 was unfortunately delayed a bit to fix some last minute issues. Thankfully the wait is over and Blender 4.1 is here. The wait was worth it though as Blender 4.1 adds several new features including: Key Links Blender Homepage Blender 4.1 Release Notes

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Blender 4 4.0 Has Been Released

Blender 4.0 Release

Currently available in release candidate form, if all things go according to plan on November 14th Blender 4.0 should be released. Just a mere five months after the release of Blender 3.6 the Blender 4 release is packed with new features. In the video below we highlight some of the

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