Blender 3.2 Released

Blender 3.2 Released

Hot on the heels of the Blender 3.2 Beta release, today the Blender Foundation officially released Blender 3.2. Unfortunately the new hair system from the beta didn’t seem to make final release, butt here is a lot to like in this release, including: All new Light Groups support, ability to …

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Blender 3.2 Beta Released with new Hair system and Light Groups plus EEVEE Next

Blender 3.2 Beta

Blender 3.2 beta is available today for those willing to build from source, while binaries will ship tomorrow. Major new features included in the Blender 3.2 beta include the all new hair system, light groups and the beginnings of the rewrite of the real-time renderer EEVEE, in the form of …

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Blenderesse Geometry Nodes Free

Free Blender Geometry Nodes By Blenderesse

Over on Blenderesse Gumroad Page there are a collection of geometry nodes for Blender 3.x. Geometry Nodes enable procedural geometry generation and this collection adds a decent arsenal to your toolbox. For the remainder of March 2022 they can be downloaded for free. Blender Geometry Nodes: Cottage Generator Castle Generator …

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Blender 3.1 Released

Blender 3.1 Released

Two months after the beta release and 3 months after Blender 3.0 was released today the Blender Foundation released Blender 3.1. One of the major focus areas in Blender 3.1 is the continuing improvement of Geometry Nodes. Key features of Blender 3.1 include: Metal based Cycles backend for M1 based …

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Blender in 2022

Blender Release 2022 Strategic Targets

After a very successful 2021, the Blender Institute have released their strategic targets for 2022. These are the primary areas of development that will be focused upon during 2022. There are four primary areas of focus: Application Templates Blender already supports Application Templates in an experimental state. However, users can’t easily and …

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Blender Game Art by and Unity Book Bundle by Packt Now Live on Humble BUndle

Learn Game Art in Blender and Packt Unity Book Bundles on Humble

Today their are not one, but two Humble Bundles of interest to game developers, the Learn Game Art in Blender by GameDevTV bundle and the Learn To Program By Developing Games using Unity by Packt Press bundle. First first is collection of courses teaching game development art, mostly using the …

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