Flax Engine 1.6 released adding .NET 7, C# 11, iOS, M1/M2 Mac and more

Flax Engine 1.6 Released

Flax Engine was first released in 2020 and it has come an extremely long way in a relatively short period of time, with this weekend’s release of Flax Engine 1.6. This release has some pretty major new features, including: Flax is a source available (not open source) game engine that …

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Godot 4.1 Released

Godot 4.1 Released

The popular open source Godot game engine just released Godot 4.1. This release comes 4 months after the milestone Godot 4 release and roughly a month after Godot 4.1 beta. Several of the features of this release are things that couldn’t make the cut for the 4.0 release, as well …

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Unity 2023 Tech Stream game engine has just been released

Unity 2023 Released

Following last month’s release of Unity 2022 LTS, Unity have just released Unity 2023. The Unity 2023 release is a tech stream release which adds new features but will not receive the same amount of support as the LTS release. So if you are looking to try out the newest …

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BLender 3.6 Released

Blender 3.6 Released

A mere three months after the release of Blender 3.5 the Blender Foundation today released Blender 3.6. With just three months elapsed since the last release, you wouldn’t expect to see a huge list of new features in Blender 3.6, but impressively, you would be wrong. Highlight features (all showcased …

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Godot 4.1 Game Engine first Beta Released

Godot 4.1 Beta Released

Three months after the release of Godot 4 yesterday the first beta of Godot 4.1 was released. There are a combination of refinements to the Godot 4 release, your usual bug fixes and improvements as well as some exciting new features. New Features Include: This release contains dozens of other …

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Unity Release Unity 2022 LTS with DOTS

Unity 2022 LTS Released

Unity have just released Unity 2022 LTS. This is an LTS or Long Term Support release of the Unity game engine, meaning it will continue to see patches and updates for two years and is therefore the recommended version to use if you are starting a project today. There are …

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Unreal Engine 5.2 was released today

Unreal Engine 5.2 Released

First made available in preview at GDC 2023, today Epic Games released Unreal Engine 5.2. This release is absolutely loaded with new (often experimental features) such as the new Procedural Content Generation tools, the new more details Substrate material system, Blueprint Tools support and Chaos Skin support. Additionally MacOS users …

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The O3DE open source AAA game engine just released version 22.05 as well as a new open source multiplayer sample

O3DE 23.05 Released

O3DE, the open source game engine derived from Amazon’s Lumberyard just released version 23.05. The first major release of 2023 and one of only two scheduled releases, it is packed with fixes, features and changes. Additionally the just launched a large multiplayer demonstration project with source code and assets hosted …

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