The free and open source vector graphics application Inkscape just released Inkscape 1.4 with several new features and improvements

Inkscape 1.4 Beta Released

The open source vector graphics application Inkscape just released Inkscape 1.4 beta. Inkscape is available for Windows, Mac and Windows. Highlight features of the 1.4 release include: Key Links Inkscape Homepage Inkscape 1.4 Beta Download Inkscape 1.4 Release Notes Splashscreen Contest You can learn more about the new features in

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Unity 6 preview has just been released with several new features. This is the last release before the Unity 6 runtime fee takes effect!

Unity 6 Preview Released

Unity have just released Unity 6 Preview. This is the final, feature complete version of Unity before the complete Unity 6 launch. This makes it an important release due to the fact this is the final release of the Unity game engine without the controversial new Unity run-time fee attached.

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Visual Studio Code March 2024 Update

Visual Studio Code March Update

There has been another impressive update to Visual Studio Code. The March 2024 release adds several impressive new features, including: Apply custom editor labels – Distinguish between editors with same file names.Locked scrolling – Compare editors side-by-side with synchronized scrolling.Extension update improvements – Restart extensions without reload & update extensions

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Blender 4.1 Released for real this time

Blender 4.1 Released

Scheduled for release last week, Blender 4.1 was unfortunately delayed a bit to fix some last minute issues. Thankfully the wait is over and Blender 4.1 is here. The wait was worth it though as Blender 4.1 adds several new features including: Key Links Blender Homepage Blender 4.1 Release Notes

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Cascadeur 2024.1 released, new pricing and free giveaway

Cascadeur 2024.1 Released

At GDC, the AI assisted machine learning powered animation software Cascadeur just released version 2024.1. Along side this release they announced new pricing as well as a massive giveaway for existing free Cascadeur users. First the new features in Cascadeur 2024.1: Now the new pricing details: For those of you

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Unigine have just released Ungine Engine 2.18

Unigine 2.18 Released

The Unigine game engine just released Unigine 2.18. This release is packed with new features including Direct3D 12 and Vulkan being default renderers, massive performance improvements across the board, new animation and rendering tools and much more. Highlight features of the Unigine 2.18 release include: Key Links Unigine Homepage Release

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