Blender 3.2 Released

Blender 3.2 Released

Hot on the heels of the Blender 3.2 Beta release, today the Blender Foundation officially released Blender 3.2. Unfortunately the new hair system from the beta didn’t seem to make final release, butt here is a lot to like in this release, including: All new Light Groups support, ability to …

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Inkscape 1.2 Released

Inkscape 1.2 Released

Just one month after the beta release, the popular open source vector graphics based application Inkscape just released Inkscape 1.2. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, the 1.2 release adds tons of new features and user interface improvements. Highlight features of the 1.2 release include: Inkscape documents can now hold …

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O3DE 22.05 First Major Release of 2022

O3DE 22.05 Released

O3DE, the open source game engine previously known as Lumberyard, just released their first major release of 2022, O3DE 22.05. One of the major flaws with O3DE in the past was the onboarding experience and I’m happy to say it’s now a great deal easier to get up and running …

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BabylonJS 5 The open source TypeScript JavaScript game engine Babylon.js just released version 5

Babylon.js 5 Released

The BabylonJS open source 3D JavaScript/TypeScript game engine just hit a major and meme-worthy milestone… the release of Babylon.js 5. Thankfully they didn’t let such an opportunity go to waste and this release is jam packed with new features. Highlights of the 5.0 release include: Node Based Material Editor Support …

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Blender 3.2 Beta Released with new Hair system and Light Groups plus EEVEE Next

Blender 3.2 Beta

Blender 3.2 beta is available today for those willing to build from source, while binaries will ship tomorrow. Major new features included in the Blender 3.2 beta include the all new hair system, light groups and the beginnings of the rewrite of the real-time renderer EEVEE, in the form of …

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Bevy 0.7 Rust game Development framework engine

Bevy 0.7 Released

Following up on the Bevy 0.6 release back in January, Bevy 0.7 was just released. Bevy is a data oriented ECS driven game 2D/3D game engine using the Rust programming language. The 0.7 release adds several new features including skinned animation support, GLTF animation importing and more. Features of Bevy …

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