Raylib 4.2 Released C/C++ Based Open Source Game Development Framework

RayLib 4.2 Released

RayLib, a popular open source C/C++ based framework for game and multimedia development, just released RayLib 4.2. Almost a year after the release of RayLib 4.0, RayLib 4.2 has seen rapid growth in the number of contributors and much of the development of this release should make it easier for …

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Godot 3.5 Released

Godot 3.5 Released

Eight months after the release of Godot 3.4, the popular open source Godot 3.5 game engine was just released. The Godot 3.5 release brings several features back ported from the hotly anticipated Godot 4 version, making the wait somewhat easier for Godot developers. Speaking of that wait, the first Godot …

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Blender 3.2 Released

Blender 3.2 Released

Hot on the heels of the Blender 3.2 Beta release, today the Blender Foundation officially released Blender 3.2. Unfortunately the new hair system from the beta didn’t seem to make final release, butt here is a lot to like in this release, including: All new Light Groups support, ability to …

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