OPen Source painting application Paint.NET released version 5

Paint.NET 5 Released

Long running open source Windows-based graphical application Paint.NET just released version 5. The Paint.NET 5 release contains several new features, but the biggest among them is massively increased GPU support, pressure sensitive brushes and a new plugin system (which also takes advantage of the new GPU functionality). New features of …

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.NET 7 C# 11 Visual Studio 2022 Released

.NET 7, C# 11 and Visual Studio 2022 17.4 Released

A whole slew of development related releases from Microsoft today, including .NET 7, C# 11 and Visual Studio 2022 release 17.4. There are improvements across the entire product suite including support for ARM64, new native AOT compilation, new language features, new libraries such as MAUI support, updated versions of various …

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