Raylib 3.5 Released

Raylib 3.5 Released

Eight months after the release of Raylib 3.0, Raylib 3.5 was just released. Raylib is an open source cross platform C/C++ game framework. Raylib runs on a ton of different platforms and has bindings available for more than 50 different programming languages. The Raylib 3.5 release brings the following new …

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Mini Audio C Open Source Single File Audio Library

Miniaudio — Open Source Single File C Audio Library

Miniaudio is a cross platform open source C library for implementing low level audio functionality including playback and capture. MiniAudio is released under either public domain or MIT No Attribution licenses and amazingly enough is implemented as a single .H file with no external dependencies (except optionally stb_orbis if Ogg …

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The Limon Open Source Game Engine

Looking for a small but full featured open source (LGPL) C++ 14 game engine with a built in editor?  If so, the Limon Game Engine might be the perfect choice for you!  Primary features of the Limon game are:Model loading using Assimp Skeletal animations Realtime shadows Rigid body physics 3D spatial sound Preliminary AI In […]

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