RayLib C/C++ C99 open source game development framework released RayLib 4.5

RayLib 4.5 Released

The cross platform, open source C/C++ (technically C99) game development framework RayLib just released RayLib 4.5. RayLib is full featured, very modular, available for several platforms and has language bindings for essentially every modern programming language. Details of the RayLib 4.5 release: Key Links 4.5 Release Notes RayLib Homepage GitHub …

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cppfront C++ syntax replacement

cppfront — C++ Syntax 2.0 Experiment by Herb Sutter

Presented at CppCon 2022, cppfront by Herb Sutter is an experiment on making a 10x improvement to the C++ programming language by implementing a new, safer, more modern “lessons learned” syntax. Attempts to improve C++ are nothing new, as we saw with Google’s recently announced Carbon programming language. This approach …

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Raylib 4.2 Released C/C++ Based Open Source Game Development Framework

RayLib 4.2 Released

RayLib, a popular open source C/C++ based framework for game and multimedia development, just released RayLib 4.2. Almost a year after the release of RayLib 4.0, RayLib 4.2 has seen rapid growth in the number of contributors and much of the development of this release should make it easier for …

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