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cppfront C++ syntax replacement

cppfront — C++ Syntax 2.0 Experiment by Herb Sutter

Presented at CppCon 2022, cppfront by Herb Sutter is an experiment on making a 10x improvement to the C++ programming language by implementing a new, safer, more modern “lessons learned” syntax. Attempts to improve C++ are nothing new, as we saw with Google’s recently announced Carbon programming language. This approach …

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Carbon Programming Language C++ Successor

Carbon Programming Language

Announced a few weeks back at CppNorth developer conference in Toronto, Carbon is a new programming language being primarily developed by Google developers. The goal of Carbon is to provide a successor language to C++, by offering a modern more developer friendly language but also offering bi-directional support for C++, …

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ODIN Open Source Game Development Programming Language Overview

ODIN Programming Language

In part of our ongoing alternative game development programming languages series, today we are looking at the ODIN programming language. ODIN is a low level data oriented programming language inspired by PASCAL and C with many features making it ideal for game development. The ODIN language is an open source …

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Checked C Language

Checked C is a research project from Microsoft research that attempts to make the C programming language safer for developers. Checked C is implemented as a Clang compiler for Windows and Linux. It provides a series of extensions to the C programming language that make it safer to use pointers …

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