Monogame 3.8 released

MonoGame 3.8 Released

MonoGame, the spiritual successor to Microsoft’s XNA game framework, just released MonoGame 3.8 after more than a year in development. Major new features of MonoGame including .NET core support, NuGet installation and more. Details of the release from the MonoGame What’s New post: We now support .NET Core in addition …

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FNA The Future of XNA

FNA–Now with Vulkan Support

FNA is an open source project making it easy to port and maintain XNA based games to several different platforms.  FNA has been used to port a huge number of indie games including the likes of Celeste, Bastion, Axiom Verge, FEZ, Owlboy, Rogue Legacy and more.  The goal of FNA is described as:Our goal is […]

Monogame Tutorial: Beginning 3D Programming

  In this chapter we start looking at 3D game development using MonoGame.  Previously I called XNA a low level code focused engine and you are about to understand why.  If you come from a higher level game engine like Unity or even LibGDX you are about to be in for a shock.  Things you […]

MonoGame Tutorial: Audio

  In this chapter we are going to look at using audio in XNA.  Originally XNA supported one way of playing audio, using XACT (Cross Platform Audio Creation Tool ).  Since the initial release they added a much simplified API.  We will be taking a look at both processes.   There is an HD video […]

MonoGame Tutorial: Textures and SpriteBatch

  Now we move on to a topic that people always seem to love, graphics!  In the past few chapters/videos I’ve said over and over “don’t worry, we will cover this later”, well… welcome to later. We are primarily going to focus on loading and displaying textures using a SpriteBatch.  As you will quickly discover, […]

MonoGame Tutorial: Creating an Application

  In this chapter we are going to look closely at the structure of a typical XNA game.  By the end you should have a better idea of the life cycle of a typical MonoGame application, from program creation, loading content, the game loop, unloading content and exiting.   If you prefer videos to text, […]

MonoGame Tutorial Series

  This tutorial series covers all aspects of using the open source and cross platform MonoGame framework, the spiritual successor to the XNA game library.  We will be covering all facets of game development using MonoGame. This tutorial is available in both text and video tutorial format. Additionally it is available as an e-book for […]

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