Nomad Sculpt Sculping Application for MObile Review

Nomad Sculpt

If you’ve ever dreamed of doing 3D modelling on the go, today’s product Nomad Sculpt may be perfect for you. Nomad Sculpt is a 3D sculpting application designed from the ground up to be mobile first. It brings all the functionality you would expect from a modern 3D sculpting application

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Epic Games Go To War with Apple

Epic Games Launch Lawsuit Against Apple App Store After Fortnite Pulled

Earlier today Fortnite was booted from the Apple App Store after they enabled a new payment system on their backend, making their in app currency cheaper but bypassing Apples’ 30% charge. Apple’s statement on the issue: Today, Epic Games took the unfortunate step of violating the App Store guidelines that

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CryEngine To Get Mobile Support

CryEngine Getting Mobile Support

Announced at Google’s virtual GDC 2020 event, CryEngine will be receiving Android support in beta form this summer.  However if you check out the beta signup page, you will notice another key mobile OS is also shown.More details are available on the CryEngine news page:Crytek is pleased to announce that developers everywhere are invited to […]

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A Closer Look At GDevelop

There are several game engines out there that present a code free option such as Stencyl and Construct.  Today we are looking at an open source alternative, GDevelop.  It is a cross platform, open source 2D game engine with a visual programming interface that requires no previous experience.  However there is also the ability to […]

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PlayN for iOS?

    I am noticing from web logs a number of people are searching to discover if PlayN supports iOS as a target.  The short answer is no, the medium answer is maybe and the long answer is probably soon.     As it stands today PlayN targets Android, Java, HTML5 and Flash but no […]

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