Spartan Game Engine Review

Spartan Game Engine Hands-On

The Spartan Game Engine is an open source C++ based 3D game engine created by Panos Karabelas. Panos is a professional game developer working on rendering technology Codemasters. The Spartan engine is his personal playground for experimenting with game engine and rendering technology. The code is well architected and incredibly …

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PopcornFX SFX Software Review

PopcornFX Particle Creation Software and Run-Time Hands-On

Today we are going hands-on with PopcornFX by Persistant Studios, a cross platform particle creation system with several game engine ready runtimes, including Unreal Engine, Unity and Lumberyard, although unfortunately only the Unreal Engine runtime is available at this moment. Features of PopcornFX include: cross platform, with the editor running …

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Dragengine Hands On Review

Drag[en]gine Hands-On

The Drag[en]gine is a highly modular, open source (C++) game engine that has been under active development for several years. The Drag[en]gine’s modular approach is built around the GLEM concept breaking your game project into the Game Script, Launcher, Engine and Modules layers. The Game Script is implemented by default …

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The Echo Game Engine hands-on review

Echo Engine Hands-On

Today we are taking a look at the open source cross platform 2D/3D C++ based Lua-powered game engine Echo. While Echo is very much it’s own engine, it has a very Godot vibe in the way your game scene is organised, taking a node based approach to game development. The …

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