Apple Block Epic Games From Future Development including Unreal Engine

Apple Block Epic Games From Supporting Apple Platforms

On August the 14th, Epic Games launched a lawsuit against Apple after Fortnite was removed from the App Store for offering it owns IAP (In-App-Purchase) option along side Apple’s own. Today Apple retaliated against Epic Games by revoking it’s access to Apple devkits, making future support of Unreal Engine on …

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Unreal Release Live Link MoCap Application for iPad

Unreal Engine Launch Live Link iPhone App

Unreal Engine have just launched a new iPhone App called Live Link that enables real-time facial capture for Unreal Engine using an iPhone 10x or newer.  The requirements are Unreal Engine 4.25 or higher as well as an iPhone with a “True Depth” front facing camera.Details of the App from the Apple App Store:Virtual production-ready […]

Apple Have A Very Bad Week

Apple’s Very Bad Week

Apple have had a remarkably bad week for developer relations leading in to their most important developer conference WWDC 2020, the annual event where Apple tries to woo developers to develop for it’s platforms.To start things off, Rakuten, makers of the Kobo e-reader have filed an antitrust complaint in the EU, this joining an existing […]

SpriteKit game development with Swift tutorial series

This is the table of contents for GameFromScratch’s ongoing tutorial series on programming games using the SpriteKit library with the Swift programming language.  This series will cover all you need to know to work with SpriteKit as well as some of the ins and outs of using the new Swift programming language with real world […]

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