Godot Voxel Tools

Godot Voxel Tools

Voxel Tools is an open source and free C++ module for the Godot game engine that adds Voxel terrain support.  You can create both blocky Minecraft style maps, or smoothed realistic maps.Details of Voxel Tools features:Realtime editable, 3D based terrain (Unlike a heightmap based terrain, this allows for overhangs, tunnels, and user creation/destruction) Physics based […]

Godot Donation Structure Changes

Godot Donation Changes

The Godot game engine announced some changes to their donation strategies going forward, as well as changes to their Patreon tiers and some insight into their future hiring goals to support the project.From the Godot blog:The project situation changed a lot for the better in the past few months, with a steady growth in the […]

Using Godot with the C++ Programming Language Tutorial

Godot With C++

A common question I receive is, can I use C++ with the Godot game engine.  If you are looking to do live game scripting like in Unreal Engine, the short answer is no, you cannot do that with Godot.  You can however develop in Godot using C++ in three different ways.Native DevelopmentThe first option is […]

Godot Hold Poll on 3rd Party Vendor Relationships

Godot And 3rd Party Vendors Poll

Juan Linietsky, founder and lead developer of the Godot open source game engine, is looking for user feedback on the future of third party support in the Godot ecosystem.The Tweet:The linked document is a Google doc poll available here.  Learn more about the questions and see the details in the video below. GameDev News Godot

Godot SDFGI Implemented


Godot just got a new feature for the upcoming Godot 4.0 release, SDFGI, or Signed Distance Field Global Illumination.  It is described accordingly on the Godot website:SDFGI stands for Signed Distance Field Global Illumination. It means this technique makes heavy use of Signed Distance Fields (an Euclidean distance based representation of the signed distance function […]

Godot 3.2.2 Released

Godot 3.2.2 Released

The Godot open source game engine just released version 3.2.2.  While primarily a maintenance release, there are several great new features including:C# support for the iOS platform2D batching for the GLES2 rendererre-architected Android plugin systemDTLS and ENET integrationUpdated and localized documentationHundreds of bug fixes and improvementsYou can read complete details of the update here, and […]

Godot In the browser

Godot Running In a Browser

Thanks in part to a $50,000 award from the Mozilla foundation, the Godot game engine is gaining the ability to be run in a web browser.   You can try it out right here if you have the latest version of a Chrome based browser, or Firefox Nightly.Explanation for the rationale for Godot in a Browser […]

Nakama Heroic Labs Godot Sponsors

Heroic Labs Nakama Sponsor Defold

Today we are talking about Heroic Lab’s Nakama.  Nakama is an open source (as well as hosted and managed) solution for the networking side of the game development side of game development.  In October of 2019, Heroic Labs became a premium sponsor of the Godot Game Engine. This week Heroic Labs announced they are now […]

Godot Concept Graph Procedural Graphics

Concept Graph–Procedural Content Generation For Godot

Concept Graph is perhaps the single most impressive plugin I have seen yet for the Godot game engine.  It aims to bring the world of procedural content generation to the Godot game engine and quite frankly, even in an early experimental state, it succeeds.  Even in my short hands-on time with Concept Graph, I can […]

Using Rider With Godot

Rider For Godot

Yesterday we talked about Rider for Unreal Engine, but did you also know that Rider can be used to develop Godot games as well?There are a few things you are going to need to get started.  First off obviously is JetBrain’s Rider, which is available with in a 30 day free trial.  However if you […]

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