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Harfang 3D Game Engine Hands On Review

Harfang 3D Engine Hands-On

The Harfang 3D engine is an open source graphics engine for creating games, applications and VR apps for Windows and Linux. The core framework is available under multiple open source licenses including GPLv3, LGPL as well as a paid commercial license. In addition to the core framework, there is also …

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Wicked Engine in 2023 PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S X support

Wicked Engine in 2023

The Wicked Engine is a free and open source game engine we’ve had our eyes on for a while. We first covered it back in 2019, then revisited it in 2022 then mentioned it in our Underrated Game Engines round-up just a few weeks back. Amazingly enough, since that video …

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Inkscape 1.3 Released

Inkscape 1.3 Released

Open source vector graphics application Inkscape just released version 1.3. This release follows the 1.2 release back in May and adds several new features. Highlight new features in the Inkscape 1.3 release include: Key Links Inkscape 1.3 Release Blog Detailed Release Notes You can learn more about the Inkscape 1.3 …

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RayLib C/C++ C99 open source game development framework released RayLib 4.5

RayLib 4.5 Released

The cross platform, open source C/C++ (technically C99) game development framework RayLib just released RayLib 4.5. RayLib is full featured, very modular, available for several platforms and has language bindings for essentially every modern programming language. Details of the RayLib 4.5 release: Key Links 4.5 Release Notes RayLib Homepage GitHub …

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Godot 4 Game Engine Released

Godot 4 Released

Coming over 5 years after the release of Godot 3, the long wait for Godot 4 has finally come to an end, Godot 4 was just released. Godot is a popular open source 2D/3D game engine. The 4.0 release predictably enough is absolutely packed with new features and changes. Key …

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Blender have launched new developer community project projects source code

Blender Projects Portal Launched

The Blender Foundation have just launched Blender Project site for managing Blender development, including source code hosting. This project was forced upon them, due to their existing solution Phabricator being shut down. Details from an earlier Blender developer blog: has been doing this for our community for years now, …

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