LibGDX Java/Kotlin Game Development Framework Updates

LibGDX Status Report

LibGDX is a cross platform open source game development framework (previously covered in-depth tutorial series on GFS here and here) that has seen more frequent development in recent months. LibGDX is a battle tested and production ready game framework that was used in recent titles such as Attack the Spire …

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Using the Blender Generated Game Level in LibGDX

  I recently published a tutorial on creating a game level in Blender over three parts, but I never actually illustrated how such a level would be used by a game engine.  A user on /r/gamedev asked exactly this question, so I figured I would throw together a quick post showing how such content could […]

LibGDX Tutorial 7: Camera basics

Previous Part Table Of Contents Next Part   Now we are going to look quickly at using a camera, something we haven’t used in any of the prior tutorials.  Using a camera has a couple of advantages.  It gives you an easier way of dealing with device resolution as LibGDX will scale the results up […]

LibGDX Video Tutorial: 3D Part 1

  In this tutorial we start looking at 3D game development using LibGDX.  We explore creating a Camera, Model, ModelInstance and look at the basics of working in 3D using LibGDX.   You can watch the tutorial in HD here or embedded below.  The following is the source used in this example.   The Source […]

LibGDX Video Tutorial: Sprite Animation

  In this tutorial, we look at animating sprites using the Animation class.  We look at loading sprites two different ways.  First creates them by splitting up a Texture loaded into memory.  The second example uses a texture atlas.  As always the code is provide below.   You can watch the video in HD here. […]

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