Inworld AI NPC Creation Tool

Inworld AI Powered NPCs

Inworld is an interesting new service using AI and machine learning to power NPCs. You define characters by giving them a variety of character traits (anger, excitement, etc.), define relationships between characters and locations as well as populate a knowledge database characters may or may not have access to. Then …

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Neovim VI and VIM derived text editor for programmers

Neovim Text Editor

On GameFromScratch we have covered dozens of programming tools, but today we are looking at the offspring of one of the oldest software applications still in daily use, Neovim. The great grand parent of Neovim is VI, a console based bare bones (compared to EMACS at least) text editor that …

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Kenney Avatar Mixer

Kenney Avatar Mixer

Kenney of fame has just released a new free tool Avatar Mixer. This joins the previous Mixer projects such as Ship Mixer and Creature Mixer on These tools allow you to rapidly (or completely randomly), create sprite graphics using a mix and match approach of existing assets. You …

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UE Viewer Unreal Engine Asset Viewer and Export Swiss Army Tool

UE Viewer – An Unreal Engine Asset Swiss Army Knife

Today we are checking out UE Viewer, a long running, but recently updated tool for exporting Unreal Engine assets that are stored in uasset format. One such example is exporting the contents from the Unreal Engine versions of the Synty POLYGON bundles, as the default FBX versions are ASCII encoded …

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