AppGameKit Now Supports Java/Kotlin

AppGameKit is an interesting game framework, with both a higher level basic like layer to get started and a lower level C API if you want to get a bit lower level.  I have previously featured AppGameKit in the Closer Look series, if you are interested in learning more.  Thanks to user Hockeykid, you can now use AppGameKit with the Java and Kotlin languages.

Now you can utilize the power of App Game Kit with the flexibility of Java or Kotlin. Java/Kotlin offer the perfect alternative to Tier 1 due to the simple yet very powerful and versatile syntax.

Here a just a few of the Benefits
Object Oriented Programming
Java & Kotlin are built around OOP using modern and well known concepts such as Classes, Interfaces, Inheritance, etc. These allow for clean, elegant, and organized code that is both reusable and extensible
Vast Libraries
Java & Kotlin have a wide range of both 1st party and 3rd party libraries that can add lots of functionality from basic Data Structures (Queues, Linked Lists, HashMaps, etc) all the way to libraries for Gesture Recognition, Digital Signal Processing, etc.
User Interface
Want to make a desktop tool in AppGameKit? Kotlin & Java have plenty of different libraries for UI like JavaFX, AWT, or Java Swing which will work alongside AGK.
Supported Platforms
Future Platforms

Learn more about the release and how to get started in this forum post.

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