Autodesk Release Maya 2016 Extensions 2


One of the advantages to moving to a subscription model is we now see continuous project improvement instead of a massive dump of features every couple of years.  Maya has taken the approach of extending via the extensions releases.   They just released the second set of extensions for Maya 2016.

New features include:

  • a new render setup system enabling artists to group and configure objects as they prefer
  • new animation blend shape system with updated UI
  • new tools for creation of blend shapes
  • new post space deformation system (PSD) enable sculpted changes on a per pose basis
  • new quick rig system via HumanIK
  • new xgen system for hair creation
  • added motion graphics toolset, procedural geometry system


For a comprehensive demonstration of new UV and modelling changes watch the following (extremely quite…) video:


You can read more about this release here.

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