Binding a hotkey to an external tool in IntelliJ

In this prior post I covered the process of configuring JetBrains’ IntelliJ to work with Moai.  As part of the process, I configured a pair of External Tool menu items to launch your code in Moai.  This setup works well enough, but I am a keyboard guy and mousing up to the Tools->Moai->Run Moai… well, it’s a pain in the ass.


So today I finally did something about it and configured a hotkey.  The process is relatively easy.


Open the IntelliJ Settings screen from the file menu, or Preferences if running on Mac.

On the left hand side, scroll down and locate Keymap.  Expand External tools, Moai ( or whatever you named it ), then double click the tool you want to hotkey.

External tools keymap


Select Add Keyboard Shortcut:

Now select First Stroke and hit the hotkey combo you want.  Warning, it will pass through system commands, so APPLE+SHIFT+W or ALT+F4 will try to close the window for example.  Keep trying unit you find a combo that isn’t conflicting.  The below combo is APPLE+Control+R.

Setting the hotkey


Click OK, then Apply, then OK again, and your hotkey will be set.


Now in IntelliJ hit CTRL+Win/APPLE key + R and your Moai app should run.


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