Blender 2.6 is finally available!



It took a while, but Blender 2.6 is finally here.  I have to admit I am a bit disappointed as I recall from a earlier roadmap that 2.6 was going to be the branch where the BMesh project ( ngons ) were going to be added to Blender, but sadly that didn’t happen.  Apparently the Blender 2.6.x series of releases are going to be all about merging in the various trunks.


Anyways, as to todays release, it adds a number of new features like 3D audio/video support, vertex weight groups, improved Collada support and a number of animation improvements.  Perhaps most important to non-English users, they added support for internationalization.


For game developers, the new vertex weight tools will probably be of the most interest.





I haven’t tested yet to see if it works with Unity, will do so shortly.


So go get it now!

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