Blender 2.92 Released

Blender 2.92 was released today. Hot on the heels of the earlier alpha and beta releases, the 2.92 release of this popular open source package seems improvements across the entire application.

Key new features include:

  • Geometry Nodes, the ability to create and place geometry procedurally
  • Sculpting improvements including a new silhouettes mode, an excellent new chop tool, smearing and more
  • Grease pencil improvements including the ability to edit grease pencil strokes as curves
  • New ability to create a grease pencil from an animated image
  • New one click primitive creation
  • New fluid dynamics and simulation options
  • Improved OptiX support
  • Much, much, more

You can learn more about the release in the release notes available here or the much more in-depth release notes available here. Or you can simply watch the video embedded below! Blender is available for download on all platforms here.

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