Blender Studio Release Watchtower

Hot on the release of the Blender 3.1 Beta, the creative arm of the Blender Foundation Blender Studio, have released a new tool, Watchtower. Watchtower is a visual film production tracking tool, designed to give you a single page view of your film or video project. The project is open source, implemented using the Vue framework and is under the same open source License as Blender itself, GPL v3. Watchtower was created in support of the development of the open film Sprite Fright.

Key features of Watchtower include:

  • Grid view (for shots and assets) with grouping and filtering tools
  • Detail view, displaying shot or asset details
  • Timeline showing individual shots as well as task statuses
  • Compatible with Zou as data backend
  • Watchtower is Free Software, available under the GPL3 license

Key links

Blender Watchtower Announcement Blog

Live Demo (In Browser)

Source Code on GitLab

Sprite Fright Film

You can learn more about Blender Studio’s Watchtower tool and see the live demo in action in the video below.

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