Blender2Godot Add-On Released

Blender2Godot is an interesting new add-on for Blender that makes integrting Blender and the Godot Game Engine extremely easy. Create levels directly inside Blender, then in a single click build, even run and deploy Godot apps from inside Blender.

Blender2Godot is very new (0.1) and currently has the following features:

Works in all platforms (Linux, MacOS, Windows).

Scenario colliders setup.

Lighting setup available.

Sky setup.

Gravity setup.

First Person navigation.

Multiplatform executable deploying (Linux, MacOS, Windows, Web).

There are a few known issues to be aware of aswell:

Blend file has to be saved before exporting.

Game update not allowed. The hole project has to be reimported every time.

Icon required.

Camera required. (Just the first camera will be exported as player)

You can learn more and see Blender2Godot in action in the video below. Godot2Blender is open source and is available on GitLab. The add-on zip file for Blender is available for download here.

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