C++ and Unreal Game Programming Book Bundle

There is a new Humble Bundle of interest to game developers, the Game Programming C++ and Unreal Engine by Packt Bundle is a large collection of ebooks on C++ programming and using Unreal Engine. Most of the books are pretty recent covering modern C++ and Unreal Engine 5, although a few Unreal Engine 4 books are included.

As with most Humble Bundles this one is organized into tiers:

1$ Tier

Unreal Engine 4 Game Development Quick Start Guide

Unreal Engine 4 Shaders and Effects Cookbook

Unreal Engine 4 Virtual Reality Projects

Unreal Engine 4.x Scripting with C++ Cookbook

Mid Tier

C++ Game Development by Example

Hands-On Artificial Intelligence with Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine Virtual Reality Quick Start Guide

Design Patterns with C++

The Modern C++ Challenge

C++ Data Structures and Algorithms

EDIT – The following four books were added to the Bundle

Godot 4 Game Development Cookbook

Godot 4 Game Development Projects

Godot 4 Game Development Projects 2nd Edition

Game Development with Blender and Godot

20$ Tier

Reimagining Characters with Unreal Engine’s Metahuman Creator

Elevating Game Experiences with Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine 5 Character Creation, Animation and Cinematics

C++ 20 STL Cookbook

Blueprints Visual Scripting for Unreal Engine 5

Game Development Projects with Unreal Engine

Modern C++ Programming Cookbook

Hands-On C++ Game Animation Programming

Expert C++

C++ Systems Programming Cookbook

The C++ WorkShop

Advanced C++ Programming Cookbook

As with all Humble Bundles, you decide how your money is allocated between Humble, charity, the publisher, and if you so choose (and thanks so much if you do!) to help support GFS using this link. You can learn more about the Game Programming C++ and Unreal by Packt Bundle in the video below.

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