Cascadeur 2024.1 Released

At GDC, the AI assisted machine learning powered animation software Cascadeur just released version 2024.1. Along side this release they announced new pricing as well as a massive giveaway for existing free Cascadeur users.

First the new features in Cascadeur 2024.1:

  • Animation Unbaking: Effortlessly transform baked animations into editable keyframes and interpolations, offering unparalleled flexibility in animation editing.
  • Improved Physics and Environmental Interactions: With enhanced physics that now seamlessly interact with the environment, your animations will reach new levels of realism and dynamism.
  • Advanced Retargeting and Auto-Interpolation (Alpha): Enjoy smoother transitions and easier adaptation of animations across different character rigs.
  • Enhanced AutoPosing: Leverage additional points and props for more detailed posing, including finger autoposing and layout customization.

Now the new pricing details:

  • Cascadeur Free: Provides many of the new features, such as Animation Unbaking and layout customization, with animations saved only in the proprietary .CASC format.
  • Cascadeur Indie ($99/year): A significant development for independent animators and small studios, offering unrestricted animation exports at less than a third of the cost of our previous Pro option. This license includes all the benefits of Cascadeur Free and export options to FBX, DAE and USD.
  • Cascadeur Pro ($399/year or $49/month): For professional animators and studios looking for the most comprehensive suite of tools. Cascadeur Pro includes advanced features like Scene Linking, Animation Retargeting, and Enhanced Environmental Interaction in Physics, providing everything needed to produce high-quality animations.

For those of you that hate subscription based software, do not worry, it is a perpetual license scheme, so if you’ve purchased at least 1 year of Cascadeur if you cancel your subscription you can continue to use the application and simply receive no more updates.

Now finally, the giveaway:

In appreciation of our loyal Cascadeur Basic users who registered before March 1, 2024, we’re offering a FREE upgrade to the Cascadeur Indie license for two years, valued at nearly $200. This upgrade allows you to access the export options to FBX, DAE and USD.

How to Claim Your Free Indie License:

  1. Open Cascadeur 2024.1 and navigate to the Help menu.
  2. Select “Claim Indie License”.
  3. Select “Sync License” and complete your upgrade.

Key Links

Cascadeur Homepage

Cascadeur 2024 and Giveaway Details

You can learn more about Cascadeur 2024, the new pricing details and about the free upgrade for existing free customers to the indie license in the video below.

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