CocoonJS 2.0.1 released

CocoonJS just released a new version.  CocoonJS is a technology that allows you to bundle HTML applications into a native application for mobile app store deployment.  This release contains:



  • Canvas+ now handles correctly HTML5/Web exportations from Construct 2. Get more infohere.
  • Added implementation for the FontFace CSS style. Fonts can now be downloaded from a remote URL defined in the FontFace attribute. Get more info here.
  • Improvements in DOM support
    • Make the window.document readOnly.
    • Added window.pageXOffset and window.pageYOffset properties.
    • Added document.defaultView property.
  • XHR Improvements
    • Make “text/plain;charset=UTF-8” the default content-type.
    • Allow XHR responses to be saved to disk a new cocoonSetOutputFile extension. Get more info here.
  • Page pageLoaded / pageFailed are correctly called now.
  • Fixed Audio System deadlock when alcOpenDevice fails.
  • New (and correct) device orientation handling. Get more info here.


  • Ensure the renderer is always resumed after loading a url.
  • Improved WebGL compatibility with renderTargets.
  • Fixed some problems in renderbufferStorage arguments, which caused an incomplete framebuffer status.



  • Added new methods:
    • onSuspended: notification when the application is suspended.
    • existsPath: checking if a file exists in the filesystem.
    • setTextCacheSize: text rendering is cached inside CocoonJS. This method controls the size of that cache.


  • Fixed problem with iOS 6 and iAd interstitials


  • Added check to avoid null pointer exceptions when destroying the webview
  • Implemented webView setNetworkAvailable method, which triggers ‘online’ event on the JavaScript side
  • Fixed viewport size problem which happened in some devices
  • Fixed some missing resources bugs

Cloud Compiler

  • Added support for Cordova 3.3 and 3.4.


  • Some small improvements to the Android launcher UI.
  • Improve download/unzip times in Android launcher.
  • Make orientation handling behave the same as in the browser. Some existing games that depend on gyroscope/orientation might need some tweaking because of this.
  • Fixed crash if device orientation changes during game launch.

Known Bugs

  • Ads with admob and mopub aren’t handled correctly, and may not appear. If more ad networks are configured in mopub, those will be served.  
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab devices crash due to SIGILL. We have already found the issue related to V8 and this specific hardware/processor and are working hard to try to solve it asap.

We are working on all of these bugs in order to solve them and create a new release asap. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Important: You can always revert the version of the launcher and the compiler you’re using. Get more info here.


If you think Cocoon sounds a heck of a lot like PhoneGAP/Cordova, well, it is.  Cocoon have put together this comparison guide.  Basically the biggest difference is speed.

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