Cocos Creator 2.0 Released

Cocos Creator 2.0 was just released.  Cocos is a free to use cross platform 2D game engine with a full game editor, scripted using JavaScript, TypeScript or CoffeScript.  If you want to learn more about Cocos Creator, be sure to check out our complete CocosCreator Tutorial Series over on  The upgrade to Cocos Creator 2.0 includes a new underlying renderer, streamlined APIs, an improved Camera component, a better start-up experience and more.

Details of 2.0 from the Cocos Creator forum:

  • Implemented premultiply alpha, filter mode, wrap mode configuration of Texture
  • Abstract the mixed mode configuration into the RenderComponent component base class, all render components can be configured
  • Camera component upgrade, as a direct rendering entry, you can configure various base rendering parameters
  • With Quick Compile integration, the custom engine only needs to use the menu’s developer options -> compiler engine to compile quickly in a matter of seconds
  • Open the WeChat game open data domain as a publishing platform with a separate publishing panel
  • Add a new renderer based on the 3D engine
  • Render component is fully upgraded
  • Remove the render tree completely, assemble the render data directly and submit the render by the render component
  • Streamlined cc namespace API
  • Streamline Director API
  • Camera component upgrade
  • Start process upgrades, user scripts and plugin scripts can more easily interfere with engine initialization
  • Platform-specific startup code is separated and easier to customize
  • Event system optimization, distinguishing between system events dispatched by the capture bubbling mechanism on the node tree and normal events directly dispatched
  • Fit Width & Fit Height is also compatible with the WeChat game platform.
  • The RenderTexture resource type has been officially added to save the rendered content captured in the camera.
  • Simplify TiledMap functionality to pave the way for subsequent upgrades
  • Physical engine upgrade, performance optimization

You can download Cocos Creator for Windows right here, while the Mac version is available here.  The reference materials have been updated to 2.0 as well.

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