Creating Terrain in Godot Tutorial

We recently discussed using the Godot Game Engine for AAA games, specifically areas it needs to improve and one of the most obvious is in terrain support. Out of the box the Godot game engine has no support for creating terrain. However there are plugins to fill in that gap and that is exactly what we look at today, using the Godot Heightmap Terrain plugin to quickly create game levels.

The plugin is described as:

This plugin allows to create heightmap-based terrains in Godot Engine. This kind of terrain uses 2D images, such as for heights or texturing information, which makes it cheap to implement while covering most use cases.

It is entirely built on top of the VisualServer scripting API, which means it should be expected to work on all platforms supported by Godot’s GLES3 renderer.


Godot Heightmap Terrain


You can learn more about how to use the Godot Heightmap Terrain plugin in the video tutorial below.

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