Creature 3D Animation Software Now In Alpha

Kestrel Moon software, creators of the Creature 2D animation software have just released the very first 0.1 alpha of Creature3D. Creature 3D is a stand-alone 3D animation application, currently available for Windows 64 machines for free, for rigging and animating characters using procedural animation.

Features of Creature 3D:

Procedural Animation at your fingertips

Walk Cycles, Tail Animation, Ropes, Skin Sliding and Dynamic Flesh/Breathing Motion are a breeze with Creature3D’s state of the art Procedural Motor System. Take full manual control by tweaking both keyframes and animation splines.

Fast, Easy setup of Characters

Easily rig your Characters via Auto or Manual Rigging Modes. Add bones, then pick between Auto Weight or Manual brush painting for your Skin Weights.

Export your Animations to the World

Export your animation as industry supported mainstream FBX or GLTF assets which can then be imported into Game Engines like UE4 or Unity.

You can learn more about and download Creature here. If you want to get started with Creature 3D there are a few sample projects now available here. You can learn more about Creature 3D and see it in action in the video below.

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