CryEngine 5.5 Preview 2 Released

CryEngine 5.5 preview 2 was just released.  Keep in mind this is a preview release so expect some bugs and glitches.  In fact there’s a list of known issues:

  • Anim: Save/load breaks default character movement – note: singleplayer only). CRYENGINE 5.5 Preview 2 Live Now
  • Save: Using Save as… after a save makes brushes disappear and unusable.
  • Rendering: Resizing the Properties Panel corrupts rendering in the Character Tool.
  • Designer: Designer surfaces are invisible or flicker during edit mode and after.
  • Global VFX: Switching layers breaks particles, visuals and audio for them.
  • Area: VisArea does not hide objects outside of the area.
  • Substance: Creating a substance graph preset does not create the related texture files (diff, spec, ddna, etc.).
  • DX12: Various issues related to DX12.
  • Vulkan: Various issues related to Vulkan.
  • VR: Currently not working.
  • C#: Memory corruption can occur after reloading scripts in Sandbox, resulting in possible crashes and undefined behavior.

Of course, the release isn’t just a collection of new issues, the release also includes:


Audio General

  • Fixed: Wwise implementation now uses proper MSVC libraries during linking in regards to the used compiler toolset.
  • Fixed: Clang compiler error.

Sandbox Editor


  • Fixed: Crash when opening a certain Particle Effect.
  • Fixed: Crash in Trackview.
  • Fixed: Crash when ungrouping an empty group.
  • Fixed: Crash when extracting objects from a prefab.
  • Fixed: Crash when renaming imported textures.
  • Fixed: Creating a substance graph preset does not create the related texture files.
  • Fixed: Warnings when reloading item scripts in GameSDK.
  • Fixed: Message notification for the texture compiler may not dissappear.
  • Fixed: (FBX Importer) Mesh importer cannot save new files.
  • Fixed: (Terrain Editor) Painting terrain texture does not work if “Mask by Altitude and Slope” checkbox is enabled.


Engine General

  • Fixed: (Schematyc) Switched the logic of Equal and NotEqual.

You can read more about the release here while you can download the release here.

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