Defold 1.2.126 Released

A new version of the Defold game engine was released, version 1.2.126.  The nicest new feature of this release is the ability to do side by side editing in the Defold Editor.  The Defold Engine is a 2D lua powered free engine from King.  If you are interested in learning to use the Defold Engine, be sure to check our tutorial series available here.Defold

Details from the release notes:


  • DEF-3137Added: Added dmExtension::RegisteriOSUIApplicationDelegate() to Native Extension SDK
  • DEF-3024Fixed: Renamed (internal) AxTls symbols with a namespace to avoid libcrypto/libssl clashes
  • DEF-3146Fixed: Fix win32 accumulating error in dt when “variable_dt” checked in game.project
  • DEF-3161Fixed: Set content length explicitly to zero for 204 (no content) responses
  • DEF-3237Fixed: Improved error handling for extension errors on Win32
  • DEF-3216Fixed: factory.create() now allows nil for the properties argument
  • DEF-3218Fixed: Fixed rare assert when adding and deleting many objects during the same frame
  • DEF-3238Fixed: Reenabled logging when using lldb


  • DEFEDIT-1312Added: Side-by-side editing
  • DEFEDIT-1345Fixed: Defold 1.2.124 not launching on macOS High Sierra 10.13.4
  • DEFEDIT-1348Fixed: Add exception printing & logging during application startup
  • DEFEDIT-1349Fixed: Add util directory to reflection check build step
  • DEFEDIT-1350Fixed: The debugger is no longer working
  • DEFEDIT-1351Fixed: Shift+Enter from the Find field should Find Previous in code editor and console
  • DEFEDIT-1352Fixed: Undo after auto-complete no longer removes the whole line
  • DEFEDIT-1353Fixed: Text selection almost invisible when searching
  • DEFEDIT-1355Fixed: Error when syncing new project from editor
  • DEFEDIT-1356Fixed: Error when changed a value (scale) on a template node and then tried to reset it
  • DEFEDIT-1357Fixed: AssertionError when trying to attach to a running engine while building
  • DEFEDIT-1358Fixed: Breakpoints no longer get copied when you make new lines on a line with a breakpoint
  • DEFEDIT-1359Fixed: You can now mouse click to select autocomplete result
  • DEFEDIT-1360Fixed: Correctly syntax-highlight numbers inside all-caps Lua constants
  • DEFEDIT-1361Fixed: Lua keywords inside strings will no longer trigger indentation changes

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